A Word from the Principal – Bill Mulcahy

October 2017

I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful fall season. We had a wonderful transition into the new school year in September and are looking forward to the many activities planned for October. Please … [Read More...]

Washington Headlines

Students Study How Earth Constructs Landforms

Grade 2 students in Mrs. Ogden's science class simulated how Earth constructs landforms on the surface via moving two plates together or apart.  Students were asked to document the effects. The pictures demonstrate them evaluating the stimulation. … [Read More...]

Ms. Ogden’s Science Class Learns About Changes in Animal Species

The students in Ms. Ogden's science class learned how animals change through time as the non-living parts of Earth change (water ,temp., light).  The students classified animals into 4 groups by species.  Each student then observed and reported on their variations and color patterns.  The students projected within 2 members of the same species.   … [Read More...]

Mystery Science in Ms. Krawiec’s Grade 1 Classroom

Ms. Krawiec's class collaborated together on a Mystery Science lesson. Students had to carry out an investigation to determine the relationship between the shape of different bird beaks and the food each bird eats. … [Read More...]

Washington School Celebrated Fire Prevention Week

In honor of Fire Prevention Week, Fire Inspector, Mr. Mark Harrison, taught our students about Fire Safety.  Spanish classes in grades 1-3 focused on 2 essential vocabulary words regarding fire safety: "salida" (exit) and "fuego or incendio" (fire). In addition, they learned to identify peligros (dangers) that could be combustible (flamable). ¡Cada … [Read More...]

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