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Character Trait of the Month: Appreciation of Beauty

This month Lincoln School is focusing on the hard character trait- Appreciation of Beauty. Sometimes it is a brilliant sunset, a simple act of kindness, an adorable puppy or your first view of a … [Read More...]

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4th grade parent orientation

4th Grade Orientation[Read More...]

Meadowlands Fishing Trip

The third grades visited the Meadowlands Environmental Center in conjunction with their thematic science unit on water to explore a salt marsh habitat.  Ms. Cory Ogden, our Science teacher, conducted the trip and seminar along with the MEC personnel.  The children really enjoyed fishing and exploring the marsh habitat!  Thank you, PTA for treating … [Read More...]

A Glimpse At Our Day

First Row: First graders have an inflatable planetarium visit. Students enter to start their star gazing. Below: Third and first graders share their non-fiction writing. Below- Second graders decided to get caught reading. Below: A parent was the 'mystery guest' today and turned the classroom into a fashion design … [Read More...]

Second Graders’ Write Letters to the Editor

Ms. DeBouter's class was a little upset one day after cleaning up the Lincoln Woods.  The children wanted to know why they were finding any debris in the area!  Ms. DeBouter seized the moment and brainstormed with the students some possible solutions.  After discussing many options, the class decided writing a letter was the best idea to solve … [Read More...]

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