Information Technology

The Rutherford Public Schools IT Department envisions technology integrated across the curriculum at all grade levels, integrated into daily administrative routines, used to bridge the gap between home and school as well as a focus of instruction in its own right.

Our goal is to provide technology in offices and classrooms throughout the district that will:

  • improve student learning by providing students with skills necessary for success in the global community by utilizing emerging communication and information technologies.
  • integrate technology across the curriculum, as well as have technology as a focus of instruction in its own right.
  • provide ongoing professional development and support for using technology for instruction.
  • help teachers to facilitate learning in an environment where students are active participants in what and how they learn.
  • provide up-to-date technologies to students and teachers so that they have equitable and effective access to technology during and beyond the school day.
  • sustain an infrastructure that provides state-of-the-art voice, video and data access to all students and staff members.
  • increase the lines of communication among parents, administrators, teachers, and students

The IT Department is served by:

Barbara O’Donnell
Supervisor of Computer Technology/Business Education

Laura O’Connor

Mike Kivowitz
Network Systems Administrator

Chris Richmond
Network Systems Administrator

CR Hetzel
Network Technician