Montclair Film Festival

I wanted to share with you a new program that I have developed with my partner, psychologist Dr. David Steinke, in conjunction with the Montclair Film Festival. It’s an opportunity for young people to come together in an inclusive environment to socialize and take a look at themselves through the lens of a variety of films. There will be two groups: one for high school kids and one for young adults. Our goal is to give young people an opportunity to make connections, forge community, practice social skills in a real-life setting, make friends and learn about movies in a club where everyone belongs.
The format of each session consists of socializing and introducing each week’s film, its themes and cinematic terminology. Films chosen will reflect relatable, real- life situations which will be processed through interactive discussions after the film.
As a former leader of Montclair SEPAC (and 10 year/current member) I know how important the work you do is for kids and families in your district. If you are no longer a leader of Special Education in your district your SEPAC, we would greatly appreciate you passing this email and flier along to whoever the current leadership is (or send me their contact) and I hope you will share the attached flier with your schools and any young people and families who you think might benefit from this interactive, inclusive experience.
I wish you all continued success–thanks so much!
Melissa Schaffer

505 Film Friends Flyer

The Admission Game – Save the date! Feb. 15th

SAVE THE DATE!!! Sponsored by the Rutherford Education Foundation. All are welcome to attend. Students are strongly encouraged to come with their parents.

The Admission Game®
An Interactive Presentation of the College Admission Process

Wednesday – February 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Rutherford High School Auditorium
Peter Van Buskirk
Author, Motivational Speaker and Former Dean of Admission
Featured: The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today,
Family Circle, and “Oprah and Friends” with Jean Chatzky

Learn what will happen to your application behind closed doors!
• Become a member of an admission committee
• Review four candidates credentials
• Debate their strengths and weaknesses
• Vote to determine who gets in

Focus on Preparing for the Future Special Needs Children and Adult

Join us for his special event Tuesday November 15, 2016 from 5:30P to 8P at the East Rutherford Community Center on 32 Vreeland Avenue! Special thank you to our promotional partner, Rutherford Access for All, for supporting education and awareness opportunities for our differently-abled community members and their families. We are also grateful for the gracious support of the Bergen County Department of Human Services, Division on Disabilities, for recommending Daniel Kotkin to represent the department on our panel of subject matter experts. Please share this event with your networks so those who need the support may benefit from the fine speakers offering knowledge, guidance and insights to prepare for the future. Thank you!



FSOBC Educational Series, Fall 2016

See the attached PDF for information on FSOBC Educational Series.

Free Music and Movement Program

Please see the attached MUSIC AND MOVEMENT flyer.