Road to Success with the Rutherford Public Schools

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members,

On Monday September 25 at the “Superintendent’s Roundtable,” I presented potential solutions to the challenges facing the District as we strive to maintain and improve the curriculum and programs for the students and the entire community. The Board of Education and the administration have responded to the report of the Long Term Strategic Planning Committee by developing conceptual plans that address expanding and modernizing facilities and programs. Please view the video, linked below, of the Roundtable presentation. The presentation clearly and thoroughly explains the conceptual plans. It will also enable each of
you to send comments reflecting your support, concerns, questions, or suggestions. Those comments can be emailed to

A PowerPoint, which is embedded in the video, is also below as a separate attachment. I recommend viewing the video for a better understanding of the concepts presented in the PowerPoint.

I urge you to take the time to view the video. I invite you to be an informed and active partner as we journey together on the “Road to Success with the Rutherford Public Schools.”


Jack Hurley
Superintendent of Schools

PowerPoint presentation link PDF