1:1 Chromebook Initiative 2017-2018 School Year

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The vision for Rutherford Public School’s digital learning is to allow instruction to drive the seamless incorporation of technology use into all content areas. Our goal is to do this in inventive ways that will make learning more meaningful and relevant for our students, prepare our students for the challenges of college and careers, aid our students to become responsible digital citizens, and enable our students to thrive intellectually, personally, physically, and creatively. To nurture this vision, a Blended Learning Committee was established in 2014. The committee was responsible for identifying and adopting best practices for the use of technology as a tool to enhance curriculum and improve student learning. The committee created a five-year plan for moving toward a 1:1 device model. With the administration, the committee established a 1:1 pilot program of teachers representing each school in the district. With increased access to student devices, these teachers identified best practices for technology integration across grade levels and disciplines.

Through this systematic approach to identifying best practices of technology use, the Chromebook and the use of G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) was identified as the best choice for achieving true technology integration across all curricular areas. The regular use of Chromebooks and G Suite throughout the district has fostered a more student-centered, project-based classroom, which has led to more student engagement, participation, and collaboration. In addition, it has enabled our teachers to differentiate instruction based on the needs of individual students, improved communication among teachers, students, and parents, and reduced the amount of printed materials distributed and collected.

The Rutherford Public Schools is pleased to announce that beginning with the 2017-2018 school year all students in grades 6-12 will be assigned a Chromebook for use in school and at home. This 1:1 Chromebook Program will allow our students to more successfully extend their online classroom experiences outside of school. This initiative has been funded over the last several years through generous donations from the Rutherford Education Foundation (REF) and through the Board of Education.

For your child to receive his/her Chromebook, you and your child must return a signed copy of the Student/Parent Agreement for Chromebook Use Grades 6-12. Forms will be distributed to your child/children at school. Please review the agreement with your child so that he/she understands the responsibilities of being assigned a device to use in and out of school. The agreement must be signed by both student and parent/guardian and returned to school before June 16, 2017.

Over the next several months we will continue to share information with you regarding our 1:1 program. Please feel free to reach out to your building principal or my office with any questions or concerns.

Jack Hurley
Superintendent of Schools