Pierrepont School Counseling Services

Pierrepont School is very excited to be able to provide our students with academic, social and emotional counseling throughout the school year.  Our counseling team consists of Kimberly Huzzy-Simansky, School Assistance Counselor, and Elana Rudnick, School Guidance Counselor.  As a collaborative partnership, Ms. Huzzy-Simansky and Ms. Rudnick provide our students with the support and guidance that they need so that they can succeed academically.  Ms. Huzzy-Simansky primarily provides our students with social and emotional support and Ms. Rudnick primarily provides our students with academic support. Ms. Huzzy-Simansky is also responsible for other programs such as anti-bullying, response to intervention and conflict resolution.

Please feel free to contact either of our counselors using the contact information below:

Kimberly Huzzy-Simansky                           Elana Rudnick

Student Assistance Counselor                     School Guidance Counselor

201-438-7675 Ext. 4375                              201-438-7675 Ext. 4376

KHuzzy@rutherfordschools.org                  ERudnick@Rutherfordschools.org

Student Assistance Counseling Services – Kimberly Huzzy-Simansky

Individual Counseling,
Group Counseling,
Bullying and Violence Prevention,
Anti-Bullying Specialist and School Safety Committee Chairperson,
Conflict Resolution, 
Character Education,
Crisis Intervention
Consultation/Referrals, Rachel’s Challenge

Guidance Counseling Services – Elana Rudnick

Academic Advisement – scheduling, placement
Academic Counseling – organization, study skills, academic services, assisting students who are at risk of failing
Transitioning – assistance with transitioning to a new school or grade level
Testing – NJ ASK/PARCC
Response to Intervention Committee
Student scheduling for middle school
High School planning and scheduling for 8th graders
Grade Reporting