Employee Email

Below are step by step instructions for accessing downloading and accessing the Rutherford Public School’s email system at home on your personal computers for either Mac or Windows.

Click the screen shots for a larger version.

Step 1

Click the link for FirstClass.com. This will allow you to download the specific version of the software you need.

Step 2

One the next page (see below), you will see links to download the software. Follow the instructions to download.

Step 3

After the program finishes the download, double-click the downloaded installer file to install it. It will prompt you to agree to it’s conditions. Just click yes to everything and then click install.

After FirstClass installs, the program should automatically run, and you will see a message saying something similar to “Please fill out the …….”. Click OK.

A new window should open. If it does not, follow the next screen shots below.

Step 4

In the Service Setup (above) window, at the top, you will see Connect Via:. Click the drop down box choices and select LocalNetwork.FCP.

Step 5

In the middle, you will see Fill in if service…. with a box below it that states Server: In this area type inmail.rutherfordschools.org (see below)

Step 6

Leave the Rest blank, and click Save at the bottom. Log in with your normal school email login & password, and you are set to go!

*** Don’t forget to download the Updated Email Forms from the News Bulletin. ***

Didn’t Work???

You can use any web browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc). Just visit http://mail.rutherfordschools.org and enter your login information.  We highly advice against using it this way.  It’s very limited and tends to be better from the application.